College of Alameda

The CIS program at College of Alameda prepares you for entry-level business opportunities requiring the use of computer applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet, database management, and geographical information systems (GIS) programs. We offer beginning and advanced office application courses.  We are the only Peralta college to offer help desk (desktop support technician) courses and networking courses.

Available Courses

CIS 1 Introduction to Computer Information Systems

4 units, 3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory (GR)
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC
General nature of computer hardware, software and systems: Hands-on applications include introduction to word processing, spreadsheet, database management and presentation software, and a brief introduction to web browsing and e-mail.
AA/AS area 4c; CSU area E

CIS 201 Introduction to Computer Hardware

4 units, 3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab (GR or P/NP)

Introduction to computer hardware: Maintaining and servicing computer equipment, fundamental concepts and architecture, major computer subsystems and peripheral devices, common computer problems, troubleshooting techniques, repair procedures and preventive maintenance; traditional, current and emerging computer technologies.

CIS 226B Desktop Support Technician II

3 units, 2 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory (GR or P/NP)
Recommended preparation: CIS 1
Windows desktop support: Supporting users and
troubleshooting applications.
AA/AS area 4c

CIS 226A Desktop Support Technician I

3 units, 2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab (GR or P/NP)
Windows Desktop applications: Configuring and troubleshooting, access to resources, hardware devices, desktop and user environments, and network services.

CIS 239 Help-Desk Tools and Techniques

2 units, 1.5 hours lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory
(GR or P/NP)
Recommended preparation: CIS 1
Help-desk tools and techniques: Troubleshooting
problems on computer systems, both networked and
stand-alone; customer-service skills for success; use of
help-desk software.
AA/AS area 4c


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