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The Los Medanos College Computer Science Department offers a broad selection of computer classes designed around the needs of today's workplace. The program is structured so you can take a limited number of selected basic skills classes, or elect to complete our certificate and/or degree programs. You can choose from three AS degrees, or simply complete enough classes for the basic or advanced certificates that are available. Whichever direction you chose, you will definitely benefit from developing better computer skills.

Available Courses

COMSC-010 Introduction to Computer Networking

27 total hours lecture, 36 total hours lab 2 Units ADVISORY: Eligibility for ENGL-100 Introduction to Computer Networking is intended for students considering careers in the networking field and individuals looking to understand and apply networking concepts in business or home environment. By solving "real world" problems, students will develop an understanding of networking standards and protocols while being guided step-by-step through software and hardware configurations. No previous networking experience is necessary; however students should have knowledge of basic computer practices. May not be repeated. LMC: DA TRANSFER: CSU

COMSC-080 A Survey of Operating Systems

54 total hours lecture, 18 total hours lab 3 Units ADVISORY: COMSC-040, ENGL-090 This class is a comprehensive survey of operating systems. Coverage includes the fundamentals of operating systems: what they are, what they do, how they function, how they can be evaluated, and how they compare to one another. Students will learn the basic structure and operating procedures of different operating systems necessary to control a contemporary microcomputer and handheld devices. In addition, students will develop skills in hardware configuration, startup customization, resource management, performance tracking and optimization, software and hardware troubleshooting, and the manipulation of audio and visual media. Students will utilize a range of operating systems, such as UNIX, LINUX, Windows, Android, iOS, and VMWare. Course will be taught using the current version of popular operating systems. May not be repeated. LMC: DA TRANSFER: CSU

COMSC-091 PC Repair - Software (A+ Certification)

36 total hours lecture, 36 total hours lab 3 Units ADVISORY: COMSC-090, or working knowledge of PC systems and operating systems; eligibility for ENGL-090 The second of three courses (COMSC-090, 091, and 092) designed to prepare students for the Comp TIA A+ Certification exams. Mastering the craft of the PC Technician requires the students to learn about a number of operating systems, drivers, and configurations. With A+ approved courseware, students will learn how to troubleshoot, upgrade, install, backup, restore and perform preventive maintenance on Personal Computers (PC) operating systems in both corporate and home environments. The course includes the theory, history, best practice routines and hands on experience required of A+ certified technicians or to manage home/office systems more efficiently. May not be repeated. LMC: DA TRANSFER: CSU

COMSC-012 Introduction to Network Security 27 total hours lecture, 36 total hours lab 2 Units

ADVISORY: Eligibility for ENGL-100 This course is an introduction to the security issues of today's computer networks, specifically the Internet. Concepts covered in the course (including TCP/IP, encryption, worms, viruses, hacking, and denial of service attacks) can be applied to home networking as well as large-scale enterprise networking. Student learning includes real-world activities. May not be repeated.


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