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Using their 40% CTE Enhancement Fund, Bay Area Community Colleges joined together to establish a remotely shared information and communication technologies (ICT) lab facility to serve their ICT students who need hands-on skills demanded by ICT employers. This program is also currently funded by the Strong Workforce Program.

NETLAB+ is a server appliance provided by Network Development Group with software tools preloaded for academic institutions to host real lab equipment, virtual machines and lab content at a location for trainees to complete labs. The solution, hosted at Cabrillo College, allows faculty and students to access labs remotely (24x7), so they do not have to physically be where lab equipment physically is.

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NETLAB+ is an excellent versatile solution for facilitating IT training in a variety of disciplines including networking, virtualization, storage, development operations, and cyber security. It’s an affordable program supported by your public education tax dollars. Contact us to find out more about how to take advantage of this resource.


Are there employees in your company that would like to teach courses using NETLAB+?


Are there employees in your company that would like to new technology skills?


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