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Updated: 5 hours 32 min ago

NETLAB+ Updated Labs for VMware and Palo Alto

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 12:58

Please review the details below regarding recent updates for VMware IT Academy labs and Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity labs.

VMware IT Academy Updates

Please refer to the release notes for details on obtaining updated virtual machine templates to include up-to-date licensing, updates include:

  • VMware vSphere ICM v6.5 Pod (version:2 build:2019021802):
  • VMware vSphere ICM v6.0 Pod (version:3 build:2019021805):
  • VMware vSphere O&S v6.0 Pod (version:1 build:2019030401):

Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Academy Updates

Please refer to the release notes for details regarding updates, including:

  • The updated release of the Palo Alto Networks Firewall Essentials (EDU-210) v8.0 lab design (Release:3).

NDG Linux Unhatched – Our Free Introductory Course, Now With Updated Graphics and Content

Wed, 01/23/2019 - 14:14

Give your learners the Linux knowledge they need to begin their journey in IT training.

NDG Linux Unhatched, developed by Network Development Group and available at no charge, features up to 8 hours of course material designed to be integrated as an introductory chapter into any IT training course. NDG Linux Unhatched eases learners into Linux knowledge, in an environment that allows them to gain skills through hands-on practice.

Why is learning Linux beneficial for your learners?

  • Linux is everywhere! Linux is used by web servers, personal computers, mobile devices, and more.
  • Linux is operating system software that is found in many areas of IT (i.e, cloud technology, virtualization, cybersecurity, networking…).
  • Linux is an open source product. Open source technology skills are in high-demand in today’s job market.
  • Linux skills are needed for many IT professional tracks. For example, knowledge of basic Linux commands is a prerequisite for IT certification programs like the popular Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops

Updates to NDG Linux Unhatched

The latest updates to NDG Linux Unhatched provide additional content to help both learners and instructors, along with updated graphics for a fresh, new look. Updates include:

  • Alignment to several (not all) new 2018 Linux Essentials Exam 010 v1.6 objectives
  • Course PowerPoint slides for instructors
  • New “Why Learn Linux?” Introduction
    • Highlights the importance of Linux knowledge
  • Added information about Linux opportunities (CCNA Cyber Ops)
  • New content and commands designed to align to CCNA Cyber Ops:
    • Viewing Files (new):
      • Commands: cat, head, tail
    • Network Configuration (updated):
      • Commands: ifconfig, ping (new)
    • Redirection (new):
      • I/O Redirection – Standard Output (writing to files)
      • Commands: cat, echo

To access NDG Linux Unhatched:

NETLAB+ Virtual Machine Update for Red Hat Labs

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 11:28

Please be advised that some necessary modifications have been made to a virtual machine in the Red Hat System Administration Pod, which is used to support the following labs:

  • Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)
  • Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)
  • Red Hat System Administration III (RH254)

Please complete the following steps to obtain the updated virtual machine and replace the Red Hat System Administration Pods currently on your NETLAB+ system:

  1. The pod virtual machine named “RHSA_FM_Classroom.ova” is currently available from CSSIA for download (see release notes). This single VM will replace the current master classroom VM. Request virtual machine templates from CSSIA.
  2. It will be necessary to delete all normal pods prior to replacing this virtual machine in the master pod and re-cloning pods. For guidance, please refer to the Red Hat System Administration Pod Planning and Installation Guide.