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Master both the hardware and software that's used in today's enterprise networks. You will learn computer networking, security, maintenance and repair as well as participate in hands-on training using industry standard testing equipment from Fluke Corporation, hardware from Cisco Systems and software from VMWare and Microsoft.

Available Courses

This course list provides an overview of courses per college course catalogs. Not all of the courses listed use NETLAB+. For complete information, please see the individual college website.

CIS- 1 - Computer Information Systems - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-100 and ENGL-150 and MATH-376
Transfers to: UC and CSU
C-ID: BUS 140 or ITIS 120
An intermediate-level course focusing on the principles and applications of computers, including their role in business and society, the fundamentals of information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, and computer systems hardware and software components.

CIS-12 - Programming Fundamentals - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-1 and MATH-380
Transfers to: UC and CSU
An introduction to the fundamental concepts and models of application development including the basic concepts of program design, data structures, programming, problem solving, programming logic, and fundamental design techniques for event-driven programs. Hands-on experience with a modern application programming language and development platform.

CIS-18 - Object Oriented Programming - Java - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-12
Transfers to: UC and CSU
C-ID: COMP 122
An intermediate-level course in object-oriented programming (OOP). Students will use object-oriented and event-driven concepts to design, implement, and test programs written using the Java programming language. The course includes concepts common to all programming languages and those specific to event-driven languages.

CIS-30 - CCNA: Computer Network Fundamentals - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-1 and CIS-98
Transfers to: CSU
C-ID: ITIS 150
A study of the architecture, functions, components, and models of computer networks in a hands-on lab setting. The principles and structure of IP (Internet Protocol) addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet, media, and operations are introduced to provide a foundation for further study of computer networks and to prepare students for Cisco certification.

CIS-31 - Systems & Network Administration - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-30
Transfers to: CSU
C-ID: ITIS 155
An applied introductory course on the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and support of server hardware and software technologies. Students will become familiar with environmental issues; understand and comply with disaster recovery and security procedures; become familiar with industry terminology and concepts; understand server roles and interaction within the overall computing environment.

CIS-33 - CCNA: Scaling and Connecting Networks - 4 Units

Prerequisite: CIS-30
Transfers to: CSU
A study of the wide area network technologies and network services, and the architecture, components, and operations of routers and switches in a complex network. This is the second in a two-course series that prepares students for certification as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

CIS-35 - Introduction to Information Systems Security - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-30 and CIS-31
Transfers to: CSU
C-ID: ITIS 160
An introduction to the fundamental principles and topics of Information Technology Security and Risk Management at the organizational level. It addresses hardware, software, processes, communications, applications, and policies and procedures with respect to organizational Cybersecurity and Risk Management. This course prepares students for the CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

CIS-37 - Principles of Ethical Hacking - 4 Units

Recommended Prep: CIS-35
Transfers to: CSU
This course introduces the student to the various methodologies for attacking a network. Students will be introduced to the concepts, principles, and techniques, supplemented by hands-on exercises, for attacking and disabling a network within the context of properly securing a network. The course will emphasize network attack methodologies with the emphasis on student use of network attack techniques and tools and appropriate defenses and countermeasures. Students will experience a hands-on practical approach to penetration testing measures and ethical hacking.

CIS-42 - Cooperative Education Work Experience in Computer Information Systems - 0.5-8 Units

A course designed to assist students in accomplishing learning objectives directly related to their Computer Information System career goals or college course work in a supervised work environment that extends classroom-based occupational learning to an on-thejob learning situation. To participate in this course, the student's placement and course objectives must be related to their career goals or college course work. Note: Students must meet with the Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) Coordinator before they can be enrolled in CIS-42. During fall and spring, students must be enrolled in at least 7 units (including CWE) to enroll in CWE. If enrolling in the summer, student must have been enrolled in at least 12 units (including CWE) in the previous spring semester. Students must take primary responsibility in finding a work experience opportunity and are strongly advised to find such an opportunity before enrolling in the class. Some employers or programs may require fingerprinting, drug testing, and/or background checks. Students should be advised that a maximum of 9 units can be applied toward a degree. Students may enroll a total of 3 times (repeatable twice). Variable 0.5 to 8.0 units, based on 37.5-600 work lab hours per semester.


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