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Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Program Description: Computer Information Systems covers the programming, operation, and management of the software and data info, out of and within microcomputers.

Some possible careers: Computer operator, data entry operator, secretary, computer programmer, microcomputer operator, word processor, computer resource technician, systems analyst, database administrator, database design analyst.

Available Courses

This course list provides an overview of courses per college course catalogs. Not all of the courses listed use NETLAB+. For complete information, please see the individual college website.

CIS 75E - Enterprise Emergency Response Planning - 2 Units

An exploration of how to plan for emergency response, recover from a disaster and how to mitigate risks. System Administrators, IT managers and Analysts would benefit from this course, as well as Technologists wanting to broaden their impact.

CIS100 - Topics in Computer Information Systems - .5-4 Units

This course covers topics in computer information systems. Topics will be chosen to supplement and serve as additions to current offerings in the area, and will be announced each term in the current schedule of classes.

CIS101 - IT Essentials Technician Course - 4 Units

This course will introduce the student to computer hardware and software, as well as operating systems, networking concepts, mobile devices, IT security, and troubleshooting.

COMP251 - Fundamentals of Computer Science C++ - 4 Units

This course is an introduction to computer science using the C++ language with object-oriented design. Topics include algorithms, data structures, top down design, stepwise refinement, procedural abstraction, machine representation of data and programs, recursion, program correctness/eciency, information hiding, and abstract data types using pointers (linked lists, etc.).

COMP252 - Data Structures and Algorithms - 4 Units

This course is designed to present programming concepts and methodology for large high-level language programming tasks using data abstraction, structures and associated algorithms. Topics include lists, stacks, queues, trees, hash tables, sorting, searching, and recursion. There will be at least one programming assignment of 500-750 lines.

COMP257 - JAVA with Object-Oriented Programming - 4 Units

This course emphasizes programming techniques using the JAVA programming language. The syntax of JAVA and advanced topics such as objects, classes, methods, and special applications will be covered.

COMP260 - Introduction to Programming:SCHEME - 4 Units

This course provides an introduction to computer science using the SCHEME programming language and techniques of functional programming. Topics include methodologies for program design, development, style, testing and documentation, algorithms, control structures, sub-programs, and elementary data structures. This course covers functions and list structures, operations on lists, recursion, iteration, programming style, and Lambda expressions. The course includes laboratory problems using a SCHEME Complex.

COMP280 - Computer Structure and Organization - 4 Units

This course provides an introduction to the organization and structure of the computer’s major hardware and software components, elemental computer circuits and systems and machine and assembler language programming. Students will write an assembly language interrupt handler.


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